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Our Newest Releases

All our books have become #1 Amazon best sellers! 

Franklin Rose is a publishing company conceived by well-respected attorney and entrepreneur Alyson Gannon.  The Franklin Rose team is well-versed in the creative, technical, and marketing aspects of self-publishing. We work with national and international clientele and offer authors unparalleled service, great value, and dedicated support.   


Franklin Rose Publishing is a home for authors, inspirers, and visionaries, where creativity blooms. Our experienced team of publishing, marketing, and editorial experts help authors make a difference in the world. If your book doesn't fit the mainstream publishing paradigm, chances are it will resonate with us. 



Honesty, integrity, and reliability are the foundation of Franklin Rose Publishing. Founder Alyson Gannon has created a heart-centered community in which dedicated publishing professionals and design specialists support innovative writers, healers, and intuitives to create book products that uplift and inspire readers. 

The Last Breath 3D.jpg

The Last Breath

"A Captivating, enlightening, heartfelt, compassionate, honest, joyful and uplifting read. A must read for anyone wondering what happens when we die" Angie Morris, Medium & Arthur Findlay Tutor


Games Psychics Play

“Games Psychics Play is a fun, hands-on guide that anyone can use to develop their inherent psychic ability, no matter where they are on their journey. Kass has tapped into the mystery of intuition in a down-to-earth way, allowing the reader to embrace the possibility of their own psychic gifts.” – Amy G.V.

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Divorcing Oedipus

Divorcing Oedipus is a whirlwind page-turner about the lives of an American family, struggling with mental illness, power, and greed.


Melodies of Grief

Melodies of Grief Written in the Key of Love is part memoir, part self-help that offers a roadmap to understand and heal your grief. Author Maggie Willes Spaulding shares her heart-wisdom by chronicling her journey after the devastating loss of her 27-year old son, Mitchell.


Way To Be

The authors, a yoga teacher and a psychotherapist, have blended their insight and experience to come up with 40 practices that create a holistic approach to transformation and positive change.

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Amping Your Abilities

Amping Your Abilities - our newest publication has just been released on Amazon!  Amping Your Abilities: 77 Ways to Awaken, Explore, and Ignite Your Intuition offers easy and accessible content for you to explore your intuitive potential. Enjoy a multitude of activities to choose from and revisit. Honor your sacred inner voice as you discover what works for you.


You Can Be a Medium

You Can Be a Medium is an engaging guide that will develop your intuitive capabilities through exercises, tools, inspiring meditations—and the story of a very special red couch.


Misfit From Hell

Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat: Lessons from a Dark Near-Death Experience and How to Avoid Hell in the Afterlife.







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Ever Near

Ever Near illuminates the remarkable bond between the author and his wife, Mari Lynn. The profound impact of their love is felt long after her physical presence has departed. It is a beautiful reminder that love transcends time and space, never truly ending.


Franklin Rose Publishing is named after Rose Franklin, our founder's maternal grandmother.  Grandma Rose was a kind and caring soul, whose open heart and welcoming smile concealed the hard road she walked. Rose is remembered as a warm, loving, supportive friend to all. Few people ever knew the hardship and adversity Rose had endured in her early life. 

At a young age, Grandma Rose’s mother died and Rose was placed in a Rochester, NY orphanage. As the youngest child in care, Rose was separated from the other children and for many years, lived a lonely, isolated life. She found solace in dance, and became a promising ballerina. Unfortunately, the stock market crashed and the world plunged into the Great Depression. With no funds to support the children, the orphanage sent them away, and Rose was delivered to her half-sister in Ohio. Shortly after Rose arrived, her sister died of tuberculosis—and young Rose found herself abandoned and alone again. 

Rose struggled to stay in school, sleeping at night on park benches. One day, a classmate, Anne Goodman, saw Rose weeping and asked “Why are you crying, Rose?” “Because I have nowhere to sleep,” Rose sobbed.  Anne took her friend home and, upon hearing Rose’s misfortune, the Goodman family welcomed her as one of their own.  At last, Rose found her "forever home.”

There is much more to Rose’s story, of course, but we share it with you here because Franklin Rose Publishing is dedicated to the memory of Grandma Rose, a woman whose kindheartedness, compassion, and love for others proves that experiencing tragedy in life doesn’t have to harden your heart—in fact, it can crack it wide open.

At Franklin Rose Publishing, we are committed to offering our authors the same considerate and compassionate support that Grandma Rose gave to everyone who crossed her path.




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