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Soul Signs + Synchronicities

Franklin Rose, Inc is launching our newest compilation book! This is your invitation to apply to become one of our published authors!



  • GROW YOUR PLATFORM: The book is a perfect way to build your platform!​​

    • Become a best selling author. Our goal is to bring the book to international best seller status on Amazon.  Through marketing tools & techniques, we have successfully been able to bring our authors this recognition, although there is NO guarantee. If the book becomes a bestseller, you've become a best-selling author.​​


    • Share your spiritual wisdom with the world by telling your story.​

    • Each chapter is anywhere between 1000 - 1500 words (3-5 pages depending on spacing).

    • You may also include your bio (75 word count) and your website for readers to contact you. If you don't have a website, you may include another method of contact (email).

  • BOOK EDITING: Your Chapter includes editing by our team, consisting of suggestions, if needed to improve the telling of your story and fixing grammatical errors.​

  • ATTEND OUR GUEST SPEAKER SERIES: During the year, we will have guest speakers share their knowledge and wisdom during the writing, editing and/or marketing process (live & recorded).

  • AUTHOR PROFIT SHARING: During the first year, initiated at book launch. The first year of a book launch is typically the largest royalty payout for a compilation book. While there is no guarantee of any remittance, our last compilation book returned approximately $200/author, which helped subsidized their overall investment.

  • BOOK WHOLESALE PRICING: As an author, you can order print books at wholesale. For example, the book may retail for $14.95 and you can order copies at a discounted rate of around $7-8 plus shipping. Authors often order books in bulk (10+) for expos, talks, workshops and other in-person events, selling the book for around $15-$20.

  • Book will be made available worldwide, including Amazon Digital & Print, retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble, Target, and even your local library can request their own copies as it will be registered with the Library of Congress.

  • Additional opportunities may arise throughout the year.

  • Investment: $750 - Payment plan available (three-installments of $250)


Split a chapter with other authors (similar topic based, i.e. Signs from Spirit). 

Included in your short story:

  • Approximately 500 word entry with your website link. Bio 50 words.

  • Guest Speaker Series - During the year, we will have guest speakers come in to share their knowledge and wisdom during the writing, editing, and marketing process.

  • Author discount pricing on book orders - order print books at wholesale pricing for resell.

  • Professional editing 

​Investment: $300


Franklin Rose, Inc is pleased to announce our newest compilation book! Authors are invited to apply here. Please include your name, preferred contact email and one-two- story ideas you would like to write about.

The book is about SOUL Signs & Synchronicities.

Most stories will be (1) and (2).

(1) A sign or synchronicity from the Universe that guided you in life.

(2) A sign or synchronicity from your Spirit loved one.

(3) Other story (about 15% of the book): A story about transition/hospice- helping or observing someone transition, a Near Death (NDE) story, or stories relating to hope, grief and the afterlife.

Your story should be an experience that you personally experienced.

Where your book will bloom...
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