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Franklin Rose Publishing has an exciting announcement and opportunity for you!


There is a real need to share awareness about the afterlife and spirit communication with a greater public audience.  Therefore, Franklin Rose is publishing a compilation book specifically on these topics. The purpose of the book is to not only share true stories and experiences, but also to introduce mediumship to the world.




The Last Breath is a book authored by a dynamic group of selected mediums, grief counselors, lightworkers, near-death experiencers, and others interested in sharing their personal stories and experiences, in providing hope, awareness, and healing to a broader public audience, who desire to learn about the afterlife and help heal their grief. This compilation project is open to both 1st-time authors as well as seasoned authors, to help you build your professional platform to grow your business, brand, and credibility. You are coming into the fold of a well-established network of team-players, editors, marketing specialists, and a heart-centered publisher.


The investment to be part of this powerful book covers all publishing fees to include but not limited to - editing, formatting, publisher selling, and publisher marketing fees.


The return on investment is invaluable. Not only can the book assist you in building your business and brand, but each contributing author will also potentially earn their initial investment back, with a possibility for additional revenue, through the pre-launch and launch book phase, first-year royalty share, and future book sales through our wholesale program.


My publishing team and I are committed to taking this book to #1, and we are excited to read all of your wonderful stories!! To follow is an outline of the project.

For the book to be uniform and allow each author to have a three to five-page spread, the stories must be a minimum of 1000 words tp 1500 words (not exceed 1750 words).  This provides ample space to share a fairly detailed story (ie. a story I wrote, Healing Hearts, was 978 words and I was able to convey many of my experiences about the afterlife).  Once you are registered, we will invite you into our private facebook page and provide you with specific author submission guidelines, to help you format your submission properly.


In addition to the story submission, each contributing author will submit a professional headshot and bio up to 250 words along with contact information, which will be included in the book. 


Furthermore, if you require a ghost-writer to assist in writing your story, please let us know.

  1. Become a published author, with the opportunity to become a bestselling author; 

  2. Make a difference in people’s lives by sharing your story & experiences. Many people want to believe in an afterlife, but often feel it’s just their imagination. By sharing your story and expertise, you will be making a difference to many;

  3. You don’t have to be a great writer to have a great story! Our team will professionally edit your writing;

  4. Learn how to use “the book as the hook” to grow your business, brand, and credibility. Being an author of a popular mediumship book can help fill your talks, development circles, and workshops. Your bio, photo, and website will be included to promote your platform and services;

  5. Three live roundtables with Franklin Rose Publishing. The purpose of the roundtables is to share our insight into the publishing process. The Franklin Rose Publishing team will discuss the tools and techniques needed for any writer that wants to become a successfully published author. Note - the roundtables will also be recorded and shared with contributing authors to refer back to in the future; 

  6. Royalty earnings

    1. The first year of net sales receipts (book sales revenue after expenses = royalty payment) will be paid equally to the publisher and each of the 44 contributing authors. The first year typically generates the highest sales revenue.

  7. Book Sales: Contributing authors have the opportunity to order printed copies at wholesale + processing & shipping fees to sell them for a profit to your clients and at your  events.

  8. Private Author FaceBook group: Contributing authors will be invited to a private author FaceBook group. The closed group is an ideal platform for networking and growing your circle while building your business and brand.

  9. Public Facebook group: Contributing authors will be invited to The Last Breath’s public FaceBook group page. This is a fantastic opportunity to be able to interact with hundreds, if not thousands of followers, to introduce yourself, and your services. 

  10. During the pre-launch and launch phases, each contributing author will receive their own “Day to HOST” on our book’s  public FaceBook group page. This allows you to highlight your knowledge and mediumship experiences, hold a meditation or healing circle, and/or do readings to help promote the book and your services.

  11. Last but not least...contributing authors will receive a publishing credit with Franklin Rose Publishing, equal to their financial investment for the project. This will go towards the publishing package of any personal book the author wishes to publish in the future.

Each story submission should fall within one of the following categories.

  • Share your mediumship journey

  • Share a story about the Afterlife

  • Share a story about signs from Spirit 

  • Share a story on Grief & Loss

  • Share a story of what helped you through grief

  • Share a story on synchronicity and the Spirit World

  • Share your near-death experience

  • Share a miraculous Spirit connection-interaction story

  • Share your how you absolutely, positively know that life after death exists story

  • Share Your Hospice Story / Share a story of you helping or observing someone transition into the Spirit World

  • Share one of your most memorable mediumship connections/readings (either receiving or receiving)

  • Share your story of hope relating to death, grief, and the afterlife


Author registration closes


All stories, author bios and headshots submitted for editorial review & the editing 

process begins


Editing process completed and authors approve final stories & bios


Formatting phase begins


Pre Launch campaign begins


Launch Day!

National Grief Day

The Last Breath.png


This project is sold-out.  However, if you would like to be included in our next book projects, please complete the information below to reserve your spot. 

If you have any questions, please contact Alyson Gannon at

Thank you for your submission.

We are excited about this collaborative project and look forward to working together. 

Where your book will bloom...
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